A regular clean is vital.

A healthy curtain is of course much easier to clean. When it comes to remove a stain from this decorative item, the best results can be achieved with a thoroughly clean curtain which is totally free from dust. The first step for an effective and easy cleaning is therefore a good maintenance. How often do you clean your home curtains? These devices, as any home fabric, need a periodical cleaning. Make sure to provide a regular cleaning once a week, which is essential to remove dust and keep your curtains healthy. Using an upholstery tool for vacuuming is ideal for this purpose but a brush too is a great help to achieve a deep, regular cleaning.

Check the label

To clean your curtains effectively it is first of all necessary to read the manufacturer’s instrunctions. It might sounds rather trivial but it is essential to avoid bad surprises as it happened to thousands of people! Not every cleaning solution is good for any type of curtains. Cleaning products tend to affect the fabric and as a result the properties of the curtain fibers might be altered by the cleaning process. It is especially true for those curtains made of a mixture of different materials, which are not unusual. Synthetic curtains, for example, have a flame-retardant treatment, so you need to find the most suitable cleaning solution to clean the specific materials these curtains are made of while preserving their properties.

Dry cleaning: yes or not?

A cleaning treatment that includes water is generally thought not to be the best option for curtains. This is why dry cleaning has gained a high reputation and is now widely considered an excellent cleaning solution for curtains. However, not everyone has the same opinion about dry curtain cleaning. Is this cleaning method necessary? Dry cleaning of course allows to achieve top quality results and is ideal to clean curtains that need a delicate treatment, but it can be replaced with a soft hand washing. This easy, cheap and effective method requires specific products and cleaning procedures. For an effective hand washing you just need a gentle detergent, such as washing powder for delicates, a bathtub and a lot of water.

What to do with lined curtains

This type of curtain is one of the most delicate. It features a separate layer which helps to block out light while protecting the curtain from sun damage. Like cotton curtains, lined curtains need a special cleaning treatment in order to avoid any damage to the fabric. However, unlike the cotton ones, lined curtains are not machine washable, and even a delicate washing like wool washing might ruin the fabric. One of the most suitable solutions is to take this kind of curtains to the dry cleaner, but hand washing with cool water and a delicate detergent is by far the cheapest and highly effective solution.

Make your curtains shine!

The colour of white curtains tend to fade over time. In this case, it is good to opt for a soft cleaning treatment that can restore the appearance of the curtain. Prepare a mixture of hot water and lemon. Let the curtain soak for about an hour and then wash your curtain as usual.