Carpet industry offers a wide range of carpets, each of which was specifically designed by carefully selecting materials according to their properties. A great contribution was also given by the creation of new strategic types of fibers. Innovation in this field has brought to a range of different carpets that can satisfy the variety of household needs. If you need to understand which carpet best suits your exigencies, you might find helpful to follow some tips to choose the best carpet for each room.

Which carpet is best for bedrooms

Choosing a carpet for a bedroom is quite easy. Of course you need to fulfill specific needs but there are not so many factors to take into account. Bedrooms are usually less visited than other rooms. Also, the risk to stain your carpet is much more reduced in a bedroom, so it’s not necessary to choose a stain-resistant carpet or to aim at high durability standards.

A polyester carpet represents a balanced choice. The soft man-made material that characterize this kind of carpet is specifically designed to offer the same softness and warmth  of the wool for less, which makes it ideal for a comfortable and also stylish bedroom.

Which carpet is best for living rooms

Decorating your living room with a carpet may not be a straightforward choice. Probably, you won’t choose your carpet randomly opting for the cheapest or the most eye-catching one without considering the peculiar features of this decorating item. You know that carpets differ considerably according to the material they are made of, on which depends a range of properties you need to consider to make the most suitable choice.

When it comes to choosing a carpet for your living room, moreover, there are not a few factors to take into account to choose the most suitable carpet. First of all, you need one which is resistant to foot traffic. It is also probable that you look for something that adds style to your living room. Maybe it should give a luxurious feel too. Man-made blends carpets combine all these features that make them the perfect durable choice to decor your living room with style.

Which carpet is best for stairs

Stairs are, for obvious reasons, a high-traffic area. Installing a carpet on the stairs means exposing it to a range of risks. Whether you walk on it with hills or frequently go up and down the stairs every day, the carpet’s life span risks to be considerably reduced. Luckily, there is a range of carpets made of either natural or man-made materials, which are resistant to foot traffic. In order to make the most suitable choice, it is recommendable to look for a carpet that offers a wide range of advantages that make it perfect to be used on stairs.

Coir carpets seem to be the perfect choice. Like other synthetic and wool carpets, they are recommendable for high-traffic areas, but despite wool carpets they an be used in damp areas too. Moreover, it is particularly slip-resistant, which makes it a perfect match for stairs. Coir carpets are also very versatile and much more resistant to food stains and water than other carpets. Finally, this kind of carpet represents the less expensive solution to decor your house stairs in an effective way.

Which carpet is best for pets

If you host a pet in your home, be it a cat or dog, you know it’s not easy to keep a carpet healthy. Having a pet also means striving to remove the hair from your expensive carpet, causing the carpet fibers to be excessively stressed thus reducing your carpet life span. The situation is even worse when it comes to remove pets stains. However, there’s a solution to allow our pets lying peacefully on a carpet reducing the risk to compromise our carpet’s health. Stain resistance is a priority when choosing a carpet if you have a pet.

For this purpose, using wool carpets, has its advantages. Wool carpets, in fact, are reckoned among the most stain resistant, so it is a good solution to make stain removal more easy. By the way, wool carpets are rather expensive. Synthetic carpets, are cheaper and are also stain-resistant, with nylon carpets being the most resistant of the category. Nylon carpets also feature a high durability, so are less vulnerable to a range of damages that your pets may cause to the carpet, but are also less susceptible to vacuuming and other treatments that become more frequent if the carpet is usually visited by pets. The range of features of this kind of carpet makes it the best choice for pets owners.

Far from being a mere decorating item, carpets are a versatile and functional home accessories. As you may have noticed, to figure out which carpet you need it is not sufficient to just take into account the colour or the size. In any case, if you choose your carpet in a superficial way you might expose it to too many risks that it won’t be able to withstand and you risk to end up with a distressed carpet just one month after you have installed it in your home. On the contrary, a thoughtful choice, and a good advice by experts, is the best choice.

Which carpet is best for bathrooms

In all-white bathrooms, adding colour is a must. To do that smartly, you need to choose colourful bathroom accessories. The carpet is one of them. A coloured, patterned carpet placed in the centre of the room is what can really improve your bathroom decoration. It is also a good choice to create a pleasant contrast of lively colours and soft tons in either a modern or country-style bathroom.

Every colour is good for any style of bathroom. When choosing a carpet for your bathroom, one of the most important things to consider is of course the colour, but it is sufficient that it is in tune with other key accessories as mirrors and towels. If the walls are coloured, especially with bold colours, a white or cream carpet would be better.

As for the material, a wool loop pile carpet is ideal. It is streamlined and therefore very useful in a bathroom. A large, plain loop pile carpet can suit both modern and traditional bathrooms.

Which carpet is best for the kitchen

Lively colours and fancy, colourful patterns for country-style kitchen. However, it is not the best choice for any type of kitchen. Patterned carpets, in particular, are not the best choice for a kitchen. Opting for a light brown, dark brown or beige carpet is a very good choice. A plain coloured brown carpet can perfectly suit both modern and traditional kitchens, including minimal design furniture.

If you are planning to install a carpet in your kitchen, your are probably going to place it underneath the kitchen table. Many carpets, mostly wool ones, are not good to be used in this way because of their considerable height. A flatweave carpet is a very good choice instead. Flatwave pile, as the name suggests, gives the impression that the pile is flat and would look great underneath furniture.

The kitchen, especially in a numerous family, is usually a high traffic area. For this reason, the carpet has to be durable, but also stain resistant. These are the two main requirements that a carpet should meet to be eligible for a kitchen. A polypropylene carpet is one of the best choices.