About Us

Innovate Carpet Cleaning was establish almost 6 years ago with a small cleaning team. Over time, our customers were calling us back to get their carpets cleaned and they told their friends or neighbours about our service!

From this Innovate Carpet Cleaning was born. And in what feels like 6 very short years, service demand brought us to the stage of establishing a Carpet Cleaning Franchise. We brought in experienced professionals from all over the city to show them our unique procedures and, most importantly, to steer them away from using chemicals. Through this we expanded our services to every district of London. With hundreds of homes, offices and retail stores being serviced every year.

Jake – Founder and Director of Innovate.

The Difference

The difference between “Innovate”, and other carpet cleaning companies is that we don’t use heavy chemicals which leave harmful residues on carpets and soft surfaces and which are harmful to people and the environment.

Up until the last few years, steam cleaning or other “natural” carpet cleaning services have lacked the quality of the clean which chemical cleaning can accomplish. Innovate has spent countless hours of testing organic and eco-friendly products in dozens of variations so that we could not only match the depth of a chemical clean, but give you a finished result which smells fresh and removes germs and engrained dirt or stains.

Why choose us?

  • We using the newest technology on the market in steam cleaning
  • By using newest technology we use less water
  • Eco friendly products – safe for kids safe, for animals and safe for the planet!
  • Professional trained staff – We continue to train/educate our staff on the latest procedures and products.
  • Charity – We give a percentage of our earnings to Charity, including “Hurricane of Hearts” and the self-help foundation “How Succeed”