Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The wear and tear of commercial carpets far exceeds any home usage or damage. Commercial carpet cleaning requires a deeper clean and depending on the usage of the carpet (heavy foot traffic areas in offices or food spillage in restaurants) the products we use will vary.

The most important part of our commercial carpet cleaning is that we observe the following:

  • Commercial carpets may be more heavily damaged so the carpet clean must not strip the fabrics from the carpet when cleaning.
  • When cleaning commercial carpets each area which is more effected than others must get delicate treatment before the whole carpet is cleaned.
  • Carpet cleaning will be arranged so as not to¬†interrupt¬†work schedules or reduce productivity. We provide after-hours or weekend cleaning.

Innovate has very competitive prices for commercial cleaning in London.

How often should you clean your carpets?

This is a good question. When we refer to carpet cleaning we do not mean passing over it with a hoover every day or two. We mean, deep carpet cleaning to get the areas of sludge and dirt that regular cleaning cannot.

Most all major carpet cleaning manufacturers recommend that you bring in a professional carpet cleaning team every 8-12 months. However, this can vary depending on the amount of foot traffic or interaction on a carpet. Receptions and common meeting places will have much more damage then an executive’s office. Restaurants, pubs and clubs need a professional clean every 2 months or they risk strange smells and irreparable damage.

Commercial carpets are expensive. So for the sake of saving thousands of pounds in replacement carpets, just have them cleaned periodically by a professional commercial carpet cleaner.

For more information read our guide on How Often You Should Clean Your Carpets Professionally.