Protection of Carpet Fabrics

Carpet Protection

Our carpet protection products and sequence gives your carpet invisible double layer protection so that future stains can be removed easily.

Let’s face it: carpets are great for comfort but their cleaning is something that must be taken care of very well. They act as dust traps, and if you have occasional stains they can turn into real nightmares: you can’t remove them by yourself and you should hire a professional.¬†What if you could avoid all these troubles with a product that prevents stains instead of removing them?

Our protection of carpet fabrics service in London is based on a stain prevention formula that allows you to enjoy your furniture and your house without worries. Our fabric protection products chemically bond with the fabric. The result? A permanent protection against (just to name a few):

  • Pet stains
  • Food
  • Beverage
Innovate offers a high quality protection of carpet fabrics service in London.

Do carpet protection products alter the carpet?

It’s true, some cheap stain protection products alter both the colour and the feel of your carpet. That’s the reason why you should only trust companies that use eco-friendly, high quality products for the protection of carpet fabrics. In London we already helped several homeowners who wanted to stain proof their carpets.

Investing in a stain protection service is smart because it allows you to prevent stain-related problems in the future and keeps the quality of your carpet very high even many years later.

For your carpet protection in London, choose Innovate’s reliable service.