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We are a one-stop-shop for carpet cleaning in London. In addition to using safe products in homes across the city, we also provide commercial carpet cleaning in London for offices, clubs, restaurants, pubs, shops, clinics and embassies.

Working with carpets of every variable of pile height (from 7.5m standard carpets, to 25mm rugs) we have perfected the technique of reaching deep into the carpet and removing oils, stains, grime and dirt.

Innovate Carpet Cleaning London will not ask for payment of services until you are 100% satisfied with the result of our work. This puts you in control and ensures a quality carpet clean every time.

Innovate carpet cleaning London only uses child-safe products. Many carpet cleaning companies include chemical solutions into their water to loosen up dirt and grime. These products have the chance of creating rashes, skin problems or even sickness if come in contact with. We believe in organic products which have no effect on contact.

Eco-friendly solutions.¬†Traditionally carpet cleaning uses a lot of chemicals to “aid” the carpet cleaning process. Innovate disagrees. You can imagine the effect it has when thousands of homes every day have their carpets cleaned and the chemicals are poured down drains. We only use organic products which have no effect on the environment.

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