Luxury Carpet Cleaning

The carpet above costs over £3,000. The carpet had silk threads and the colour appeared to be faded. However, this was simply the silk reaction to engrained dust and foot traffic, which was easily cleaned.

There are certain accessories in your home that deserve and need special care: the quality of their materials, their cost and probably your affection make them unique: luxury carpets represent one of these cases. Our experience in luxury carpet cleaning in London makes us aware of the importance of preserving the hygiene and the look of a high quality carpet.

Luxury carpets are different. They have special properties:

  • They offer extra sound-proofing
  • Experts say natural wool has a healing power
  • These carpets can help remove muscular tension and relax the spine
  • Luxury carpets can hold dust and prevent us from breathing it
  • They create an elegant, clean atmosphere

Innovate Carpet provides a reliable, high quality luxury carpet cleaning service in London.

Is luxury carpet cleaning different?

Both standard and luxury carpets need a methodical, deep cleaning process, especially in case of hard stains. The answer to this question is not easy: usually luxury carpet owners know that if they want to preserve the quality and properties of their carpets, they need to have it cleaned periodically as a form or regular maintenance. After years offering luxury carpet cleaning services in London, we can say that the carpets living the longest lives are the ones who are taken care of often.

Be aware that many carpet cleaning companies (in London but not only here) use cheap products that are ineffective and dangerous. Here at Innovate Carpet we only use eco-friendly products, safe for the environment, safe for you and, of course, safe for your children and everybody living in your house.

Luxury carpets are expensive. Our carpet cleaning service in London helps you preserve the original quality of this great accessory and improves the quality of your home environment. You won’t need to buy a new one for a long time.