Tips to Remove Pet Odours

Living with our pets is not very easy. Our home environment we share with them constantly risks to be damaged. Sometimes their presence alone is enough to cause bad smell and stains around the house. Home fabrics such as carpets and upholstery get dirty very easily and are very often visited by our pets that […]

5 Things to Know About Taking Care of Your Curtains

A regular clean is vital. A healthy curtain is of course much easier to clean. When it comes to remove a stain from this decorative item, the best results can be achieved with a thoroughly clean curtain which is totally free from dust. The first step for an effective and easy cleaning is therefore a […]

In & Outs of Leather Treatment

Cleaning upholstery in general is not very easy. You can’t choose a cleaner randomly and try it on your sofa. First of all it is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s indications written on the label. You also have to become aware of the properties of each cleaning products as well as of the peculiarities of […]