Reasons To Keep Your Carpets Clean

  Keeping your house clean on a daily basis is normal, however taking care of your carpets on a daily basis is not so common. Many people don’t do the necessaries everyday even though there are many reasons why they should. Clean carpets mean less allergies and more peace of mind, but there are a […]

The Challenge of Commercial Carpets

In our experience here at Innovate Carpets London, commercial carpet cleaning is not an easy task. When it comes to big areas and a large number of rooms to take care of, it’s not only cleaning products and expertise that matter, but something else. Getting the job done in a professional manner is not something […]

Which Carpet is Best For Each Room

Carpet industry offers a wide range of carpets, each of which was specifically designed by carefully selecting materials according to their properties. A great contribution was also given by the creation of new strategic types of fibers. Innovation in this field has brought to a range of different carpets that can satisfy the variety of […]

Top 10 Carpet Care Products

Cleaning carpets can be stressful.  Will the stain come out?  What day can we pick to be out of the house while they’re cleaned and still give it time to dry?  How harmful are the chemicals used?  These questions are especially relevant if you’ve got young children or pets. With the addition of these cleaners […]

DIY Carpet Stain Removal Guide

It may be best to read this whole article through just to see which section applies to your situation. This first list will give you an overview of general actions taken to remove nasty stains from a carpet. It does not guarantee their removal, but in many cases you may be lucky.

5 Tips to Clean Your Carpet [infographic]

Cleaning your carpet can be a daunting task. Here at Innovate Carpet we put together a collection of 5 essential tips on carpet cleaning. In London, or anywhere else in the world, the help of a pro is sometimes essential, but following these tips you will make sure your carpets live a longer life!

Risky Products!!

“Going green” is our effort to make our activities on earth less invasive and harmful to the environment.  Although it is seen as the fashionable thing to do recently, going green in certain situations is not only helpful to our environment but also healthier for us, too.  Carpet cleaning is one such area. Little known […]

General Tips for Carpet Care

Although carpeted floor is ubiquitous here in London, it is surprising how many people do not know all that much about carpet cleaning. If your carpet needs special care, either because of severe deterioration or because it has been damaged, it would be more advisable for you to hire some carpet cleaners in London. However, dear reader, if it is daily care you want to know about, read on!

Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Carpet Clean

Face it, fellow Londoners: Carpets get dirty. I mean, come on, they’re on the floor. You step on them all the time. You eat over them. And drink—yes even wine. You drop things of a varying degree of greasiness on them. And…let’s just not say anything about your dog.

Carpet Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

Carpets are one of the best inventions ever! They look good, feel nice to the bare foot, keep the rooms warm in winter, and are generally inexpensive. Unfortunately, they’re not perfect: they need a lot of attention and care. Since we’re literally stepping on them all day, we’re constantly getting dirt on them!