In our experience here at Innovate Carpets London, commercial carpet cleaning is not an easy task. When it comes to big areas and a large number of rooms to take care of, it’s not only cleaning products and expertise that matter, but something else. Getting the job done in a professional manner is not something everyone can do. This kind of cleaning service requires a great deal of attention and poses several challenges. Let’s explore them.


If we compare home properties to commercial ones, the latter need to be cleaned in a different way. Being well organized is essential for the success of the job, therefore a detailed cleaning plan is essential to know exactly:

  • the order in which the team will clean each room
  • specific cleaning products to use
  • how to address critical stains/dirt problems
  • priority rooms that need extra attention

It is therefore very important to address these points in order to satisfy the client’s needs.



In order to understand exactly what is the exigency of the business owner we are dealing with, we want to make sure we communicate effectively and do not misunderstand him/her. A detailed inspection is needed to make sure we can provide the service within the timeline requested by the client. Good communication and direct inspection are needed to understand:

  • size of the property
  • main problem the client has
  • time needed
  • staff needed
  • technology needed


Another important aspect of a good commercial carpet cleaning project is technology. In a broad sense, we mean everything related to cleaning products and tools we need to get the job done. Not all carpets are equal. Materials differ from each other very much, and a professional commercial carpet cleaner needs to know what he needs in order to overdeliver.

According to the result of the inspection and the client needs, we can understand if we have to use specific cleaning methodologies, avoid certain produts etc. For example, one might need to know if the cleaning machine must:

  • have heating capabilities
  • have certain hose length
  • have certain pressure levels
  • be “low flow”
  • reach certain percentages of suction
  • have fast extracted water rejection

…and many other things.

A carpet cleaning project needs to be planned carefully. Only by doing that we will be able to act quickly and solve busy company owners’ problems.