“Going green” is our effort to make our activities on earth less invasive and harmful to the environment.  Although it is seen as the fashionable thing to do recently, going green in certain situations is not only helpful to our environment but also healthier for us, too.  Carpet cleaning is one such area.

Little known facts

Were you aware that some carpet cleaning chemicals are derived from coal tar?  Or that the two most common chemicals are proven carcinogens?  The effects of exposure to these chemicals can be extremely harmful, even fatal to those exposed to it for any amount of time.  Even if the area of carpet you have in your home to clean is small, the chemicals used to clean it can remain in the air and in the carpet fibers for much longer than the cleaning lasts, constantly releasing chemical into the air in your home.  This is especially dangerous for homes with pets or small children who spend a large amount of time on or near the carpet.

Dangerous chemicals

Two of the most common and most harmful chemicals are Perchloroethylene and Napthalene.  Perchloroethylene, a classified carcinogen, is so harmful that is can cause immediate damage on a human nervous system, along with more noticeable effects like dizziness and nausea.  Napthalene can also cause major damage to red blood cells in humans.  Obviously, these chemicals can’t be good for the environment either.  These chemicals are emptied into sinks or dumped down storm drains on the street, carrying these chemicals to open water ways that is the life source for other life forms.

Safe alternatives

Luckily, there are alternatives to carpet cleaning with such harmful substances.  If you are hiring a carpet cleaning company, inquire as to what types of solutions they use.  Most companies have “green” options at the very least. It makes sense that the best and safest cleaners would come from natural sources so when you are looking at cleaners, make sure the ingredients are mostly natural substances that will dissolve with no harmful effects, thereby not harming the environment.

Be careful

The best way to reduce your need for carpet cleaning at all is to spot clean your carpet when needed.  Spot cleaners that aren’t homemade can be almost as harmful, however.  There are many home recipes and way to clean your carpets that can be found online and even non-toxic carpet cleaning chemical mixtures. The safest route is hiring a carpet cleaning company and make your life easier.  Be aware of the options available, and the effects of each, on the earth and the home when you or professionals are cleaning your carpets.