A few tips from London carpet cleaners

Face it, fellow Londoners: Carpets get dirty. I mean, come on, they’re on the floor. You step on them all the time. You eat over them. And drink—yes even wine. You drop things of a varying degree of greasiness on them. And…let’s just not  say anything about your dog. Of course, being careful and neat is always my first two pence, but carpets are bound to get dirty at some point.

When the need arises, you can look for carpet cleaners in London to fully restore your carpet’s health. Nevertheless, while professional help may be advisable for deteriorated carpets or after carpet-straining events or periods, you can do much for your carpets’ health and to keep the doctor away.

The best way to clean a carpet depends on the very quality of the carpet itself, but all of them will end up getting stained and hoarding dust anyway. However, there are ways that will give your carpet a long, happy (and clean!) life. Find some of them below.

Daily Dust

Hoovering your carpet every day, or every other day, will prevent dust and dirt from getting seriously trapped on the carpet fibres, i.e. bread crumbs, sand, or paper fragments. I’m aware this is not easy as nowadays spare time is sometimes too scarce, especially in a city like London. The more often you hoover your carpets, the better. Once a week is the least you can do. Less than that is simply patent negligence!

You really don’t want dust and dirt to get firmly entangled in your carpet’s fibres. Dust starts collecting on the carpet’s surface, but little by little, if you don’t stop it, it seeps through to the fibres and becomes much more difficult to eliminate.

Spilt Milk

Carpets don’t like liquids, so try not to spill anything on them. However, when that happens, clean the carpet right away. Be faster than fast. If you let it dry, it will be very difficult to clean later. A sponge or a wet cloth should be good enough in most cases. If it’s a dense or doughy liquid, you may need to carefully scratch off as much of it as you can before it becomes solid.

Paint Predicament

Oils and greasy substances can’t be cleaned out like normal liquids—you need to use special carpet cleaning products. The same applies to ink or any type of paint. Some people use soap or even shampoo. I personally only recommend this for emergencies, so don’t quote me on this one. A situation like this requires the right products. And for those cases that look too dodgy for your taste: I know some excellent carpet cleaners in London, just around the corner.