Carpets are one of the best inventions ever! They look good, feel nice to the bare foot, keep the rooms warm in winter, and are generally inexpensive. Unfortunately, they’re not perfect: they need a lot of attention and care. Since we’re literally stepping on them all day, we’re constantly getting dirt on them! A dirty carpet not only does look unpleasant to the eye, but also wears out more quickly.

If you are reading this article, you probably need to clean your carpet. Carpet cleaning in London, or any other part of the world, can be a daunting task. Follow this brief guideline to get the best results!

How Do I Keep my Carpets and Rugs Clean?

The answer to this question is somewhat obvious: Clean them regularly! You can’t do the hoovering once a month, it needs to be done often and thoroughly. Take your time to do it. Make sure you pass the hoover over the same spot several times, as one or two is generally not enough.

If you stain it, clean it immediately. If you let a stain stay on your carpet for days, it’ll make itself at home. The sooner it’s removed the better! Just be careful to choose the cleaning material wisely if you don’t want to make things worse. Of course, you can also hire a pro to handle it if you don’t want to risk damaging it!

Should I Seek Professional Help?

This is probably the key here. Is this something you can do yourself or is it better to contact a professional cleaning company? While the responsibility of the daily care and maintenance rests solely on your shoulders, it is a fact that professional help every once in a while will get you better results keeping the carpet in good condition in the long run. Carpet cleaning companies (in London there are many, but not all of them are high quality) have better equipment and can often achieve this good-as-new feeling. They also have the tools to repair the little damages that have been caused to the carpet throughout the years, such as small tears or runs.

A thorough cleaning should be done every 12 or 18 months, depending on the amount of feet regularly stepping on the carpet. It’s also highly advisable to do it after holding an event with a big attendance—especially if there were potentially harmful substances such as food or drinks in it!

Although it’s probably cheaper to do this yourself, be aware that the results will not be nearly as good, since even if you rent professional equipment you’re not as familiarized with it as a person who does this for a living. It’s often the case that some people damage their carpets when trying to do an intensive cleaning. They will also know how to remove certain stains or odours, as well as the best way to deal with cases such as restoring the spot where your dear pet did a number one.

How to Choose a Carpet Cleaning Service Provider

Carpet cleaning companies are fairly easy to find. However, make sure that the firm you choose is trustworthy and actually gets good results without charging an unreasonable amount. The Internet is your best friend here, as it can easily help you to find a company that operates in your area and offer certain types of services. Did you know Innovate is one of the few carpet cleaning companies in London that only works with eco-friendly products? Choose us for an amazing final result.